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A Blog on the Web: Now with Fewer Readers!

Thanks to a couple of posts by James Bennett and Maciej Stachowiak, I’ve been feeling self-conscious about my usual practice of serving XHTML documents with a MIME type of text/html rather than application/xhtml+xml like a good boy should. Essentially, their (well-justified) claim is that there’s no reason to purport an XHTML document type if the document is served as plain old HTML. As with most discussions on interesting topics, I don’t have anything worthwhile to contribute, but I figured I’d further the cause by serving up this blog properly and seeing what happens.

It wasn’t hard. There’s a WordPress plugin called Content Negotiation that handles setting the HTTP header and the <meta> tag (which I edited so that it always uses application/xhtml+xml — you’re welcome!). There’s no JavaScript right now, and I feel like Prototype would handle most of the issues I’ve been reading about. I made a couple of minor changes to the stylesheet and fixed a validation error in a template, so now I’m just twiddling things to see what breaks.

And lucky you! You’re reading this, so you’re in the venerable group of folks using a browser that understands the application/xhtml+xml MIME type. It wasn’t easy making the decision to disregard part of my audience, until I realized that I don’t have an audience and that removing members from the null set still leaves me with the null set. So really I broke even. Yay!

Stay tuned, hallowed imaginary readers, and expect some utterly lackluster work to come of this.