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Animals as Leaders: What To Do When Your Guitar Has Too Many Strings and Your Drummer Is Matt Halpern

I recently polled my Facebook friends for some new music, and Cody was the big winner with his suggestion of the recent self-titled release from Animals as Leaders. (Other suggestions included my friend’s hippie jam band and the Mamma Mia soundtrack.) I had never heard the name, so I torrented the album, listened a few times, bought it, and proceeded to listen to it continually for about a month.

If music gets any more technical than it is here, I don’t want to know about it. There’s not a minute’s worth of 4/4 time on this entire album. The drums aren’t even real because no human being could ever play those licks — although Tosin Abasi claims to have had Periphery’s Matt Halpern in mind while he was writing the music, and if anybody could pull it off, he could. But for all that, Abasi manages to write some strikingly beautiful melodies. This is Point to Point, possibly the first song I’ve “repeat-1’d” since Coltrane’s Dear Lord three years ago:

From reading the article above, I’d be surprised if we ever see another solo release from Abasi, but this one should satisfy the prog-rocker in me for a good long while.