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Apple Drops MobileMe Support for IE6

Via Sam:

To use the new web applications, make sure you have one of these browsers: Safari 3, Internet Explorer 7, or Firefox 2 or later.

Not even Safari 2, huh?

Yes, it’s just Apple, and just MobileMe. It’s not Gmail or Facebook or Backpack or even the online Apple store. But Apple is by far the biggest name to openly acknowledge that IE 6 is not a modern web browser. Web years are like dog years, and a seven-year-old browser is far different than a seven-year-old desk or a seven-year-old cabernet. It’s a seven-year-old banana. One that was already a bit too ripe when you bought it.

It’s a step towards getting non-corporate users off IE 6. Once people are gently locked out of modern web apps, they’ll start to look for alternative solutions. (I understand that not everyone has the luxury of upgrading IE or using a real browser. It’s not worth discussing anymore: trying to please all the people all the time leaves you with mediocre, unfocused, forgettable products.)

And maybe the introduction of X-UA-Compatible will even coerce a few businesses into biting the bullet and running IE 8 when it’s released next year. But we’re still talking about (hundreds of?) millions of users migrating two versions up in a piece of software that appears to work pretty much fine — thanks, of course, to the Herculean efforts of folks like you and me (this blog excepted). Good thing I’m patient.