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She’s got it figured out.

AVGN Goes Jazz

I just ran across something from the archives of my digital life:

Back in 2010, I recorded a cover of the Angry Video Game Nerd theme song in GarageBand, because that’s what people did way back then. I decided to go jazz, since I had never heard a jazz cover before, and Christmas was coming up, so it felt gentle and snowy to me:

Every note was painstakingly struck using the touchpad on my MacBook Pro (i.e., I’m not a real musician). I’m actually kind of proud of this. It’s the closest I’ve ever come to composing music.

But the timing! This was the year that James managed to get Bear McCreary to compose the music for the Christmas episode, which was a take on Seuss’s Grinch story. So needless to say, my cover…mmm, fell by the wayside.

Fun to go back and listen to this again. I wonder if I could learn some of the parts on an actual (musical) keyboard.

Nice to be home again. One of my favorite things about traveling is that it makes me appreciate home.

Got the new plants in the garden yesterday, just in time for 2” of rain last night! They all seemed happy this morning.

(Not pictured: blueberry bush to my left.)


@smokey Apologies for the absolutely-not-a-bird-lens photo.

I’m always most impressed by @manton’s humility in spite of his prolific-ility. Shipping software is just pouring cereal for him, like it’s so simple and natural that he wouldn’t even think to be arrogant about it. Congrats on building another great thing, @manton!


No, it's cool! I can stop whenever I want! Seriously!

Pro tip: You can find a better place for the dog’s water bowl than under your front-loading dryer.

@kitt Ever tried beach (sand) ultimate?