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I’m always most impressed by @manton’s humility in spite of his prolific-ility. Shipping software is just pouring cereal for him, like it’s so simple and natural that he wouldn’t even think to be arrogant about it. Congrats on building another great thing, @manton!


No, it's cool! I can stop whenever I want! Seriously!

Pro tip: You can find a better place for the dog’s water bowl than under your front-loading dryer.

@kitt Ever tried beach (sand) ultimate?

Growable Code

Just pushed out this change to my blog tonight: I was previously so obsessed with a perfect column of text that I was obscuring wide code snippets by default. You had to click an icon to see lines that were “too long”. No more!

@manton Is it okay to use the circle-star logo on my own site to link to ? And if so, is there a particular version available somewhere that I should be using?

Fourth night this week staying up way too late to work on the ol’ blog. I miss it! And it needed some attention.

El Americano: Indie Math Nerds

A few weeks ago, these guys came up in my New Music Mix and hooked me hard. Surely I’m responsible for at least 10% of the views on this video:

I’m always impressed by a drummer who can play with only a high-hat and ride.

Self-described “indie math nerds”1, they’re just directly up my alley. They remind me of mid-aughts Minus the Bear with a little more edge.

It surprises me (although it shouldn’t) that a group this talented has only released two EPs totaling 11 songs in four years, and that they don’t seem to tour much outside of the northeast. I hope they find enough success to come down my way at some point.


  1. I swear I read this quote somewhere, but I can’t find it now.

I took last night off from PT. Grapevines felt better on my right leg tonight.