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Dillinger Escape Plan: Causing Brain Aneurysms Since 1997

I mentioned math rock a few posts back and vaguely recalled telling myself years ago that I would never allow myself to listen to it. It’s noisy and doesn’t groove or flow and they’re all mad at the world and their drummers are too good. Trey and Fish would not approve. Miles might, but he’d as likely beat me to death. He was like that, you know…

It’s most likely David’s fault that I’m getting into Dillinger now. He made me listen to Horse the Band playing Birdo late in 2005, around the time that Umphrey’s McGee was almost literally the only thing on my iPod, kindly guiding me out of the verdant land of patchouli and dreadlocks into the acridity of sweep picking and double kicks. Horse was like Umphrey’s at their most dissonantly musical, and for Pete’s sake, all their songs are about Nintendo! 1

Gradually, Umphrey’s unwillingly sacrificed their iPod play time in favor of Horse and a bunch of other grindy-thrashy-metally nonsense, and here I am today purchasing Ire Works.

It effing rocks.

I keep finding myself making that face where one eyebrow is raised and your tongue is out slightly and you’re staring at the wall but you’re unaware off it all because they’re playing in five different time signatures at once! Jesus! I mean, there are a couple of tracks that sound like I imagine Slipknot to sound — were I ever to listen to Slipknot — but for the most part, this album is one crushing face-melt after another.

So to whet your appetite, here’s a healthy dollop of Dillinger coincidentally entitled Horse Hunter: