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Extending jCarousel with a Pager

Jan Sorgalla has created a really nice “carousel” jQuery plugin called jCarousel that I plan to use in a few upcoming projects (and maybe even on this site). It has plenty of features out of the box, like automatic scrolling on an interval, vertical or horizontal flow, and a lot of callback hooks to let you customize behavior.

One thing it didn’t handle was automatically generating a “pager” that would allow random access to any item on the list. This is becoming idiomatic on the web now, so I decided to fork his project on GitHub and add a couple of new options. The new version accepts a boolean pager option and a createPagerItemCallback for generating the HTML that goes in the pager items.

So something like this:

  scroll: 1,
  pager: true,
  createPagerItemCallback: function (carousel, i){
    return $("<img>").attr("src", carousel.list.children("li:eq(" + (i - 1) + ") > img").attr("src"));

would end up looking like this:

Pager screenshot

Lots more examples in the source on GitHub.