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Gavin Castleton: Indie Rap?

It’s pretty seldom that I pay any mind to lyrics in music. The music should stand on its own, shouldn’t be relegated to a vehicle for a singer to wax poetic, especially considering the tired plotlines of most verse-chorus-verse songs these days. And so I listen to jazz and hippie rock and screamy metal and Sigur Rós where the lyrics don’t matter because they don’t exist or they’re nonsense or they’re unintelligible. Not to discount the legendary singers — Sinatra and Fitzgerald and Franklin and them — but vocals never clicked for me.

So it’s ironic (in the Alanis Morissette sense) that I got turned onto Gavin Castleton by watching Habeeb cover Autodidact. But he tells such a great story, and everybody likes a great story! I immediately purchased A Bullet, a Lever, a Key and I’m anxious for him to release Home.

You can listen to the last track — numerically, first track chronologically — from the former album right here, and then you should go buy it. Don’t steal it or borrow it or search for it on Kazaa or whatever you kids are using now. Just fucking buy it because it’s only $6.93 and you know you can afford that.