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I Like John Nack

Photoshop’s Principal Product Manager John Nack, responding to comments on one of his recent blog entries:

Wow, it only took you guys eight years to come up with this idea?

[Way to look at the bright side, dude. —J.]

Snarky! I like it!

Now if you’d only get a few more things right like using the default Mac OS installer and using the rest of the default Mac UI. I’m still using CS3 and dread seeing what UI atrocities you come up with for CS5.

[Nice attitude, man. Endless negativity makes it really easy for people to tune out “Mac fanatics” (“They’ll just bitch and hate us no matter what”), and that makes it harder for me to do my job. —J.]

John has a good point. If you’re always complaining, people stop listening. But considering Adobe has to port all their Carbon code to Cocoa pretty soon, could they be working on a major UI overhaul?

You may hate me for my comments, ok. But i don’t like Adobes lazyness and lagging behind with implementations or simply screwing and bloating up things with new uneccesary components.

[So, Adobe is bloated and lazy, but you want us to add more functionality to match the FCP KBSC editor that doesn’t match long-standing Photoshop functionality? Okay. —J.]

Same applies for “Inspector” or how apple call them: “HUD

What you guys are waiting for?

[How about a cycle in which we’re not mandated to do an enormous amount of work with very little customer benefit? —J.]

The classic software developer’s paradox: add more features, but make it simpler to use.

I’m glad that Nack is confident enough to speak his mind on his blog. That’s rare in a world of corporate blogs full of innocuous and meaningless marketing bullshit.

That said, I recently ditched Photoshop for Acorn, and I couldn’t be happier.