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Leave My Shift Key Out of This

Here’s a list of webby products, companies, or services that I’ve seen today having stupid punctuation or spelling rules:

  • crowdSPRING
  • LightTPD — the “Light HyperText Transfer Protocol Daemon”, I believe
  • Windows — LIVE — no, LIVE is not an acronym1
  • MediaTemple’s (mt) and (gs) and so forth — parentheses required, thank you
  • Yahoo!

I could make a longer list if I paid more attention, but that’s over the course of a few hours of work and blog-reading.

What’s the deal, Web 2.0? You’re making the conscientious typists work harder and the lazy typists look…lazy. Surely your own copywriters abhor the extra effort required to type so unnaturally or to set up a bunch of Word macros. Does it add that much more punch to your identity? Or are web companies riding the wave of 13375p34k and LoLsPeAk as an appeal to the new generation of über-consumers?

Maybe it’s resentment for having my own name misspelled for so many years, but I’ve noticed that people suck at writing things. Why make writing any harder than it already is?


  1. Strangely, I only saw this in a PressPass article and not on the official Windows Live site.