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Maple Stave: Maybe Indie's Not So Bad...

Growing up in Greenville, NC, ECU’s college station (WZMB 91.3, “The Zombie”) played as good a variety of music as you could ask a broadcast radio station to play. Every night was a different specialty show: Mondays were punk, Tuesdays were roots rock, Wednesdays were ska, Thursdays were Grateful Dead and Phish (until Phish got their own three-hour show on Saturdays), Fridays were retro, Saturdays and Sundays were reggae, world, hip-hop, dance, and metal. That station turned me on to so much music. And their DJs cussed on air. That was so rad to a 13-year-old.

Boy was I disappointed when I came to school in Raleigh and discovered that WKNC was all I got for a college radio station. If you turned on 88.1, you had an 60% chance of hearing some bland indie rock and a 40% chance of hearing some hardcore rave techno electronica. Maybe that’s what the enginerds were into in the early aughts, or maybe their collection of good music got abducted, but it left me sour towards indie and techno, and it took a long time for me to open my ears to them again.

But I recently got lucky with WKNC. A friend at a Ruby hack night had mentioned his friend’s math rock1 band, Maple Stave, was playing a show soon. I couldn’t go for whatever reason and promptly forgot to check them out. Nearly six months later, though, I (accidentally?) turned on 88.1 and noticed my car’s display reading “Maple Stave.” Strange enough, I dug it. So I sent them an e-mail and bought their two available EPs.

I don’t think the boys of MPLSTV will mind my posting a song here, especially since you can get it off their website anyway. So this is Defens, track 2 off their second EP. Enjoy.


  1. I always considered math rock to be more along the lines of Dream Theater and Bobby Jarzombek, but I won’t hold it against them.