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Making up for not writing anything lately.


Vote Obama.


I hadn’t looked at this site in a week or two, and I came back yesterday to a PHP parse error in one of my PHP5 classes. LunarPages has an Apache handler for PHP5 files that has to go in your .htaccess file, but it causes Apache on my machine to croak, so I have to remember to add the handler any time I update the site. Obviously, I don’t remember all the time.

So I think I’m over PHP and WordPress now. If anyone favors a particular Rails blog package, let me know. At least I can drag Rails and all my gems and plugins around with me.


Business is exceptionally slow. I’m starting to realize how hard it is to market myself, and how little I really want to learn about marketing. Tim Ferriss talked about outsourcing your life on eLance. I might start looking into hiring some kind of commission based salesperson/agent/marketeer soon.


In other business news, we launched Doable Designs this past week. We’re aiming to reach small business owners who have been turned off by highly-priced custom designs (like mine), but don’t want to manage their own web content (no CMSes or FrontPage). I should write a separate post on that…


IE 6 support ends in ten weeks!

Have a good weekend.