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Brandan Lennox's

New Look, Same Great Taste!

In the world of freelance web design, it’s easy to become your own worst client.

I designed the old by myself in an afternoon. It was a one-page site, an entirely vertical layout, and completely black and white. Because of the weird layout, I had to put the samples of my past work “above the fold” — that is, immediately visible without scrolling down the page — and so all the other important stuff got shoved to the bottom of the page where no one would see it. My beta testers (Dad and Angie) both gave it bad reviews, but I wasn’t having it. This was my portfolio, and I was going to build it from the ground up!

It took about six months for me to come around. Angie was kind enough to shove a real design in my face, and ten days later I launched the new (presumably what you’re looking at right now). It’s immeasurably better than before. I might even write up a case study on it. Eventually.

Hope you like it!