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HSLider: A Color Widget for Mac OS X Dashboard

Targeted at developers using CSS, this Dashboard widget uses HSL sliders and plain ol’ text fields to tweak colors. Copy your new color as valid CSS (hex, RGB, or HSL) with a single click.

HSLider screenshot

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Acts as Featured: Unique model attributes in Rails

Designates an attribute on this model to indicate “featuredness,” where only one record within a given scope may be featured at a time.

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Preprocessor: A Ruby Text Munger

This is a Ruby module that I use on this blog as a shortcut to reference images, audio, footnotes, etc. It’s very specific to my needs, but you might find something useful in it.

By including the Preprocessor module, your class will have a preprocessed method that returns an object capable of filtering the return values of instance methods of that class:

class Article
  attr_accessor :title, :body
  include Preprocessor

a = => 'Sup')
a.body = '{{title}}: Deth metal {{audio src:/files/audio/deth-metal}}'

a.body              #=> '{{title}}: Deth metal {{audio src:/files/audio/deth-metal}}'
a.preprocessed.body #=> 'Sup: Deth metal <audio controls><source ... /></audio>'

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Perch.tmbundle: A TextMate Bundle for Perch CMS

If you’re using the Perch content management system and TextMate, dig my bundle for Perch.

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