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Acts as Featured

Unique model attributes in Rails


Designates an attribute on this model to indicate “featuredness,” where only one record within a given scope may be featured at a time.Pass in the name of the attribute and an options hash:

  • :scope If given, designates the scope in which this model is featured. This would typically be a belongs_to association.
  • :create_scope If true, creates a named scope using the name of the attribute given here. If it’s a symbol, creates a named scope using that symbol.


class Project < ActiveRecord::Base
  # no two Projects will ever have their @featured attributes set simultaneously
  acts_as_featured :featured

class Photo < ActiveRecord::Base
  # each account gets a favorite photo
  belongs_to :account
  acts_as_featured :favorite, :scope => :account

class Article < ActiveRecord::Base
  # creates a named scope called Article.featured to return the featured article
  acts_as_featured :main, :create_scope => :featured