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Why isn't AT&T's wireless site mobile-friendly?

This is the screen I see when I visit AT&T’s wireless home page from my iPhone:

AT&T wireless home page

I’m typically checking on my minutes or something else to do with my account. I’m not shopping for a new phone or looking for support. I don’t want to see a 100KB image of the latest LG iPhone imitator. I want to log in. But the login fields are miniscule, buried near the top right corner:

Highlighting the login area

They should be the most accessible elements on the page.

There’s also one of those JavaScript “helpers” attached to the phone number fields that automatically advances the caret when you’ve typed the proper number of digits in each field. It doesn’t work on an iPhone, so you have to tap each field in sequence. It would be simpler to let me type my entire phone number — dashes and all if I want — in a single field and scrub it on the back end. For anybody who doesn’t know how to parse non-digits out of a string, here’s the regex: s/\D//. Adapt to your language as appropriate.

Plenty of companies could benefit from an iPhone-friendly web UI, but few would benefit more than the sole service provider for the iPhone in the U.S.